The Pod uses a combination of different types of technology to successfully get your pet’s location. Various locating technologies are used to actually establish a location while cellular technology is used to communicate between the Pod and the app.

Communication Method

The Pod uses cellular networks with its internal roaming SIM card to communicate to and from your phone or computer. Pod is a remote tracker and therefore requires cellular reception to operate correctly. This is different from other GPS devices like in-car navigation systems or smartphones where the screen is attached to the tracking device (and hence communication isn’t required).

Location Methods

  1. Home Wifi - The Pod uses your Home Wi-Fi router to help establish a location when you’re in your Home Wi-Fi zone. When the Pod recognizes your Home Wi-Fi network, it will not try to locate via any other method to save battery and it assumes your pet is safely at home. Because the Pod does not need to use as much energy searching for a location, you save battery life when the Pod is connected to your Home Wi-Fi.The 
  2. GPS - Pod will use GPS to locate your pet when your Pod is outdoors and in an open area without obstructions. These are the best conditions for GPS to work. Accuracy is best with GPS location and this location method will be prioritized when available.
  3. Surrounding Wi-Fi - The Pod scans surrounding Wi-Fi routers as a backup method for locating indoors. GPS signal cannot penetrate buildings, garages and other large objects so Wi-Fi triangulation is used as a secondary location method when indoors. The Pod will scan surrounding Wi-Fi routers and use Google’s global Wi-Fi Database to triangulate a location based on the anonymous stored location of those routers. Two Wi-Fi networks must be in range for triangulation to work with this method, so it won’t always work.
  4. Bluetooth - used for close-range locating to identify that your pet is near to your phone. You’ll often use other means of location to get close to your animal and then Bluetooth locating will assist with getting closer to them. Bluetooth locating will only work with Bluetooth enabled devices.

The Location Refresh Process Explained

  1. When you press the Location Refresh Button on the Map Screen, a command is sent to your Pod via the cellular network to get a current position. If there is no cellular reception, the Location Refresh attempt will fail.
  2. The Pod then searches for a location using Bluetooth, Home Wi-Fi, GPS, and surrounding Wi-Fi points. If a location is established, the coordinates will be sent back to your app via the cellular network. In some cases the Pod won’t be able to establish a current location (for example if it’s inside with no Wi-Fi networks in range). If this happens, please try again later.
  3. Once a location is sent back to your app via the cellular network, the live location will be displayed on the Map screen. The Pod will continue to send updated locations for 3 minutes so you can track your pet if it’s moving.

Want to know more?

  • To avoid over-use, once you’ve requested a location via the app, you won’t be able to send a new location request for another 2 minutes.
  • It’s important to check your coverage before using the Pod, however, the coverage maps are just an estimate and actual coverage will have to be tested by the user.
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