Pod lets you define multiple customized safe zones around your house or wherever your pet spends most of it’s time so you receive an alert when your pet strays too far from home.

Instructions for Safe Zone Setup:

  1. Click into the Pet screen within the app.
  2. Click the blue information box to view the Zone Alerts tutorial. Once you have completed the tutorial, click ‘Setup Zones’. If you’ve already gone through the tutorial, simply click the zone alerts button and it’ll take you to a screen where you can edit or create a new zone.
  3. Enter the address where you want to set the zone and it will automatically move the safe zone circle over that address.
  4. Move the zone circle by dragging the map to set the exact position of your property.
  5. Resize the safe zone by pinching the map to zoom in or out. It is important to create zones larger than your property boundary to avoid false alerts. Please note the Pod is not pin-point accurate and false alerts may be triggered if your Safe Zone is too small. We recommend making your Safe Zone radius at least 30ft (10m) larger than the “safe” area. This will allow a small buffer to minimize false alerts but will not significantly affect your escape alerts.
  6. Your zone’s default name will be “Home.” If you want to change it, click on the three dot menu button in the top right corner and you’ll see the option to rename. Click save when you’re satisfied.
  7. Once the size and location of the zone have been set, you will need to set the Refresh Rate to choose how often Pod will automatically refresh your pet’s location when the zone alert feature is turned on. While on the zones screen, click the refresh rate drop down. Select your preferred time interval. Your Refresh Rate will be set to a time interval of 5 minutes by default. You can change the refresh rate from 2 minutes up to 2 hours. The more often it checks, the shorter the battery life. The refresh rate you select will apply to all zones.
  8. Go back to the Pet screen and will see a pop up that says ‘Waiting for Pod’. The Pod is being contacted to update the zone alert settings.
  9. After you have successfully set the alert zone settings, make sure to turn the Safe Zone ON using the toggle switch on the Pet screen to ensure the zone alerts are activated.
  10. If you don’t want all zones to be on for that specific pet, click back into the zones screen and select the zones you want to be active. The green tick mark indicates a zone is active for that pet.

Want to know more?

  • A circle is currently the only shape available for the zones. More shapes coming soon.
  • Zone alerts only work on phone or tablet devices running the Pod Trackers app. Users of the web app will not receive Safe Zone alerts, however setting one up and turning it on ensures the Pod will check its location more often automatically.
  • Make sure your zones are large enough so that you will not get false alerts. You may get false alerts when some areas of your property are not within the zone. We recommend 30ft (10 meters) away from the closest point of the desired perimeter.
  • Battery life with Safe Zone on is 1-2 days.
  • When setting your zones, you may click the ‘My Location’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the map to position the zone over your current location.
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