Want to discover your pet’s secret life? Get to know where your cat ventures after dark or if they’re paying a regular visit to neighbors. With Pod Adventure Recording you can discover all of this and more.

Adventure recording stores a GPS location of your pet every 10 seconds. Due to the high amount of information being collected you’ll need to keep an eye on the battery – it usually lasts 6 – 8 hours when recording an Adventure. Sync your Adventure to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth when you’re finished recording and see it all right there on your screen.

With Adventure Recording you can:

  • Start and stop your Adventure Recording
  • View how many Adventures are synced and how many need to be synced
  • View your pet’s duration, distance and territory covered for each Adventure
  • View the trail covered by your pet
  • Rename & delete Adventure Recordings

Recording an Adventure

Recording an Adventure is easy. You can access Adventures from the bottom of the Pet page.

  1. Make sure your Pod is on and you’re outdoors before starting your Adventure. Simply move the toggle switch to ON and the Pod will attempt to start the Adventure. Please be patient as this could take up to 2 minutes.
  2. Once an Adventure Recording has successfully started you will receive a push notification as confirmation (you’ll only receive a notification if you’ve enabled them in your phone or device’s settings). If you don’t see this message and the Adventure Recording toggle goes back to the OFF position you’ll need to try again later.
  3. Once the Adventure Recording starts you will see a timer indicating the length of the Adventure and the approximate battery life remaining on the Pod.

Stopping & Syncing an Adventure

Stopping your Adventure is just as simple as starting it. Move the toggle to the OFF position and wait for a confirmation push notification (you’ll only receive a notification if you’ve enabled them in your phone or device’s settings).

When your Adventure Recording has successfully stopped, you’ll see a red badge in the bottom right corner of the Adventure Recording bar which indicates there is an Adventure Recording ready to be synced. The Adventure Recording will sync automatically when your device has Bluetooth on and your Pod is within range of it (approximately within 10 ft). To manually start a Bluetooth sync, pull down on the Pet Screen.

Delete or Rename an Adventure

Sometimes you want to remove your Adventures that have been hanging around for a while. No worries, you can delete the ones you no longer want.

  1. From the Pet Screen, click on the Adventures Bar to take you through to the Adventures screen where all of your recorded and synced Adventures are stored.
  2. Select the Adventure Recording you’d like to delete or rename.
  3. Click on the Options Button (the three dots in the top right corner). Click Delete Adventure or click Rename to assign a new name to the Adventure.

Duration, Length and Area Covered

One of the coolest parts of the Adventure Recording function is the statistics that are collected on your pet. The stats will show at the top of the page when you select one of your synced Adventures.

  • Duration – the length of time your Adventure recorded.
  • Distance Traveled – the total distance your pet traveled during the Adventure Recording.
  • Area Covered – the approximate total area your pet covered during the Adventure Recording.

Tips & Tricks

  • To record a valid adventure there must be at least 2 GPS points recorded. If two points are not recorded, the adventure will show as blank. Should this occur, please try again and ensure the Pod light turns green before proceeding, indicating GPS is successful and active.
  • Escape Alerts are disabled when the Pod is recording an Adventure, but you can still manually locate your pet by doing a Location Refresh.
  • Starting and stopping Adventures can seemingly get “stuck” from time to time, however, this is simply a delay in the start of the Adventure due to low reception. The app should return to normal after 2-4 minutes.
  • Bluetooth syncing of Adventures and Health Monitoring activity is only available with the mobile app.
  • Adventure tracking may appear to jump around if there was any interference with the GPS signal during the recording. This will happen from time to time if there is tree coverage or other objects blocking a direct GPS signal.
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