The GPS signal and accuracy of your Pod is affected by various factors including weather, obstructions and metal objects.

Here are a few ways to improve the GPS signal strength and accuracy of your Pod:

  1. Clear view of the sky (no obstructions from building and trees which could block the signal)
  2. Prevent interference from metal objects as it will affect the signal strength. This includes using the Pod inside of a car or shed.
  3. Keep your battery charged for optimal performance. We recommend swapping it out every morning at feeding to ensure it’s always charged.

When you’re not on your Home Wi-Fi network, the Pod will first search for GPS before using scanning surrounding Wi-Fi networks for a location as GPS is generally more accurate.

Urban Areas vs Rural Areas:

Below are the benefits and limitations of using the Pod in urban versus rural areas;

Urban Areas

  • There are a number of Wi-Fi points available (from surrounding houses) to help the Pod triangulate a position without GPS
  • Possible limitations on GPS signal strength due to building obstructions
  • Cell reception generally strong

Rural areas

  • There are a limited number of Wi-Fi points available (given the reduction in property density) to triangulate a position
  • Clear and open areas make it beneficial to obtain a strong GPS signal, however, is still subject to cloud coverage
  • Possible poor cell reception out in rural areas. Please check the coverage in your area with your local provider.

Please note the GPS/Wi-Fi light will only turn green when your Pod is actively doing a locate. It will be blue all other times.

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