It really depends on what you mean. The Pod can refresh your pet’s location on demand at any time and will refresh at the time interval rate you have selected when the Safe Zone feature is turned ON. It can also track and record your pet every 10 seconds when you are recording an Adventure. The Pod does not, however, continuously update your pet’s location without being prompted as this would very rapidly deplete the battery. It will refresh your pet’s location every 3 hours without being prompted.

Refresh Your Pet’s Location on Demand

You can Refresh your pet’s location at any time from the Map Screen (although each refresh uses up some of your battery life, so don’t use it unnecessarily). The Pod will not constantly refresh your pet’s location in real time, but you can refresh your pet’s location on demand at any time.

Safe Zone Updates

If you’re using the Safe Zone, however, the Pod will refresh its location at the Refresh Rate Time Interval that you have set when you defined your Safe Zone. You may set the refresh rate anywhere between every 5 minutes up to every 2 hours. A notification will be sent to your phone if your pet has left the Safe Zone.

Adventure Mode Updates

When Adventure recording is turned ON, the Pod will continue to refresh your pet’s location and activity levels every 10 seconds. This data can be obtained later and will require a Bluetooth connection (available in the mobile apps only) to sync from the Pod and display on the Pet Screen of the app. Please note the location of your pet will not refresh in real time on the screen during recording – you must sync the information later. You can, however, refresh your pet’s location on demand at any time during the recording.

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