Pod allows you to receive an alert on your phone or computer when your pet leaves your set zones. When you Define Your Safe Zone and switch it on, the Pod will start to auto-locate at the Safe Zone Refresh Rate of your choice. The Refresh Rate may range anywhere from every 2 minutes up to every 2 hours. The reason for this is to save battery, as it will drain more rapidly the more frequently it refreshes your pet’s location.

If the Pod refreshes to a location that is outside of the Safe Zone you have set, it will send a push notification (not an SMS) to your phone or tablet. You must have your push notifications enabled on your device. You will not receive notifications if you are using a computer – it will only work with a phone or tablet.

Please note the Pod is not pin-point accurate and false alerts may be triggered if your Safe Zone is too small. We recommend making your Safe Zone radius at least 30ft (10m) larger than the “safe” area. This will allow a small buffer to minimize false alerts but will not significantly affect your escape alerts.

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