The Pod battery can last up to 5 days with minimal usage. As you use more of the great features Pod has to offer, the battery life expectancy will start to decline.

  1. Is your Safe Zone turned on? One of the great features of the zone alerts is that they’re constantly updating the location of your pet at the refresh rate of your choice. It’s an important feature for those who have escape artists on their hands! The side effect is that this puts more strain on the battery life. Increasing the refresh rate will extend battery life. We recommend only keeping the zone alerts on when needed in order to save battery life.
  2. How good is the cell reception in your area? Having limited cell reception where your Pod is can impact the battery life of your Pod. Just like your mobile phone, the more your Pod is struggling to find a cellular connection, the more battery is used up in the process. It is possible to have a pocket of your home (e.g. basement) where the reception is particularly low so it is best to keep your pet from these areas to avoid a rapid battery drain.
  3. Are you recording an Adventure? Recording your pet’s adventures is one of the most exciting features of Pod. Since this is tracking your pet’s location live every 10 seconds over the period of time, the life of your battery is reduced significantly. We recommend replacing the battery as soon as you complete an adventure to be sure your pet has a fresh battery at all times.
  4. So how much time will I get out of my Pod battery? Below is an indication of how long your battery will last given the feature usage: Live Location Refresh & Activity ONLY:  3-4 days, Zone alerts ON:  1.5 – 3 days, Adventure recording ON:  6-8 hours
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