Let’s identify your Pod 3 through the app so they can communicate.

Please use the Pod ID etched on the inside rim of your Pod for registration.

To identify your Pod, hold it near your phone. You will need Bluetooth enabled on your phone.

  1. Make sure your Pod is turned on.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  3. Once you have been through the setup tutorial in the app, click ‘Identify Pod’ on the final tutorial page.
  4. Hold the Pod near your phone. The app will begin searching for nearby Pods via Bluetooth and your Pod ID will be listed.
  5. Alternatively, you may manually type in the 15 digit Pod ID to identify the Pod. The 15 digit Pod ID can be found on the inside of the module once the battery is unscrewed. If your Pod does not have an ID etched into the inside rim of the unit, please use the Pod ID on the packaging.
  6. Check the Pod ID and proceed to the next page.

Want to know more?

  • If your Pod ID doesn’t work the first time, double check that all numbers were entered correctly. You can also try turning the unit off and back on again
  • If the app is struggling to connect via Bluetooth, try turning the Bluetooth on your phone off and on again
  • If you don’t have a Pod yet, you can choose to add a demo Pod. You’ll get a good feel for what the app is like
  • It can take up to 1 minute for the app to recognize your Pod via Bluetooth
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