Turning your Pod On

  1. The Pod will turn on automatically as soon as the battery is securely locked into place on the Pod. A flashing purple light on the bottom of the unit will indicate the unit is booting up.
  2. The lights should soon flash green, indicating network connection, then stop. The Pod is still on when the Pod’s lights stop flashing.
  3. After the Pod goes through the startup sequence, the lights will not illuminate unless the Pod is actively locating or receiving a command.
  4. The light will turn green when the Pod establishes a good cellular connection or when GPS is in use.
  5. The light will turn blue when the Pod is receiving data or a command.
  6. The light will turn red and remain red during startup if the Pod is unable to connect to a cellular network. If this occurs, please remove the battery and try reconnecting the battery in an area with better cellular coverage.
  7. The light will flash red if the Pod battery is charged to less than 20%.

Turning the Pod off

  1. You must remove the Pod battery to turn the unit off.

Want to know more?

  • Lights will not continue to flash but this does not mean the Pod is off.
  • If you are having trouble getting a response from the Pod, please try turning it on outdoors under an open sky. It does not need to be outdoors every other time it is turned on.
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