Charging the Battery

The charging dock comes with a battery already attached to it.

  1. Insert the charging dock with the attached battery into any USB port.
  2. The orange light indicates the battery is charging.
  3. A green light indicates it is fully charged (which takes around 2 hours for a flat battery).

Removing and Replacing the Battery

1. Remove the battery from the Pod or charging dock

2. Place the battery on the Pod

3. Purple lights will flash on the bottom of the Pod, indicating it is turned on. The light should then flash green, indicating cellular network connection. Should the light instead turn and remain red, this signals the Pod has been unable to connect to a cellular network. Should this occur, please remove the battery and retry connecting the battery in an area where a network connection can be achieved.

4. When the lights stop flashing, the Pod is still on

Want to know more?

  • The Pod batteries do not come charged out of the box. You must charge them before use
  • You can check your Pod’s battery life by looking at the Pet Screen on the app
  • The Pod 3 light will flash red when it is running low on battery. A push notification will be sent to you when your battery drops below 15% as a reminder to change your Pod battery
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