The location refresh feature is what you use to find your pet on demand. Once you have your Pod all set up, there are a few things you need to know to locate your Pod.

How to manually refresh your pet’s location:

  1. Make sure the Pod is on and you are logged into your app.
  2. Go to the Map Screen on your app.
  3. Click on the Location Refresh button (circular arrow) to initiate the location refresh process. You will know the location refresh has started when the Status Ring turns orange. You can expect the full location refresh process to take anywhere between 1 – 3 minutes during which time you will not be able to use any other function of the app. This is to prevent sending conflicting messages to the Pod. You may also see your pet jump around slightly during this time as the Pod is refining the location.
  4. The Pod will check all available location technologies during the location refresh and choose the quickest and most accurate location to display on your screen. Please wait for the locate sequence to finish to see the most accurate location.


 This text will show when your pet’s Pod is within your Home Wi-Fi network and your pet icon will display on the map where you have set your Home Icon

Close by

This will show when your pet’s Pod has been located within your phone’s Bluetooth range (10 meters)

Safe Zone

This will show when your pet’s Pod has been located within your Safe Zone perimeter but outside of your Home Wi-Fi network range

An Address

The address of your pet’s location will appear when your Pod has been located outside of the above areas. You will know the location refresh has been completed by the time of last known location displayed on the Pet List Button. The Status Ring will also turn green. Your pet icon will display on the map where a location has been established. The Pet List Button will also show one of the below if there is a successful update:

If your pet’s location does not refresh, please try again in a few minutes. It simply means the Pod is out of reception or couldn’t establish a location in that moment.

Want to know more?

  • If your first locate isn’t as accurate as you’d hoped, try locating outdoors once and then try again.
  • Cellular coverage on the Pod’s SIM (not just your mobile phone) is required for a successful location refresh
  • Multiple users can access the location refresh feature at the same time
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