The Pod 3 has a small arrow light display at the base opposite the battery. When you put a fresh battery on the Pod the Pod will be on and the lights will flash.

The color of the lights will indicate the status of the Pod:

On Startup:

  • Slow Flashing Purple Light – Device booting up
  • Slow Flashing Green Light – All systems are working and Pod is connected to network
  • Solid Red Light – Pod unable to connect to a cellular network

Should the light appear solid red upon start-up, please re-attach the battery and re-boot the Pod in an area with better reception.


  • Intermittent Flashing Red Light – Low Battery

Data Transfer:

  • Slow Flashing Blue Light – Command received by Pod
  • Rapid Flashing Blue Light – Bluetooth active


  • Flashing Green Light – GPS is starting
  • Solid Green Light – GPS is active

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