Want to see where your pet has been but can’t spare the battery life for Adventure recording? No problem! The Pod’s Location History feature allows you to reflect on 24 hours of all known locations of your pet without syncing. You can even click on each individual location to see the location method (GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and the exact time it was recorded.

This feature can really come in handy if your pet escapes and you want to see the direction they travel in.

With Location History you can:

  • Drag the toggle to see a detailed description of each recorded location
  • View every location point recorded within the last 24 hours from the last known location
  • Know the location method (GPS, Wi-FI or Bluetooth) used for each location
  • View the exact time at which each location point was recorded
  • See the accuracy of each historical locate
  • Access locations without needing to sync
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