Adventure Recording is a tracking feature which stores the location and speed of your pet every 10 seconds (this can be changed to be more frequent later).

Record your First Adventure

  1. Make sure you are outside and the Pod is turned on prior to starting the adventure.
  2. While on the Pet Screen, click on the blue info box that says ‘Find out about adventures’ to read through the tutorial. On the last page of the tutorial, click ‘Record Now’ to begin an adventure. Alternatively, you may choose to ‘Record Later’.
  3. To start a new Adventure from the Pet Screen, switch the toggle to the right so it is turned ON. An app notification will pop up to let you know that the app is waiting on this request to be communicated to the Pod. You will receive a notification when the Adventure recording has started.
  4. Switch the toggle to OFF once you have completed the Adventure so it doesn’t drain your battery.

Want to know more?

  • We recommend that you record longer adventures so the Pod is able to pick up the most data on your pet’s path, distance, and speed traveled. If the adventure is not recorded for a minimum of 5 minutes, the Pod may struggle to pick up GPS data.
  • The battery life while in adventure mode is 6-8 hours.
  • Adventures record GPS points every 10 seconds and requires a direct line of sight with the satellites in the sky to refresh the location. It is important to start the adventure outdoors so the direct line of sight between the Pod and the satellites is available.
  • After you’ve recorded your first adventure, you can change the frequency at which GPS points are recorded during adventures. You can adjust to 1 second through 60 seconds. You can do this through Adventure settings and only after one adventure has been recorded and synced.
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