The Pod app has two main screens – the Map screen and the Pet screen. Both control key features of the Pod. Below you will find everything you need to know about the Pet screen and its features.

You can access the Pet screen by clicking on your pet in the Pet List on the Map screen. From here you can:

  • View details of your selected pet
  • See the last known location and time of that location
  • Manually sync Adventures and Activity data
  • View 24 hour Pod History
  • View Pod details
  • Manage Activity Monitoring
  • Manage Zones & refresh rate
  • Manage Adventure Recording
  • Rename your pet
  • Edit pet details & change pet photo
  • Show tutorials
  • Delete your pet

The Buttons

Back button

The left arrow in the top left corner allows you to go back to the Map screen.

Options button

The Options Button in the top right corner allows you to select from the following app options:

  • Rename
  • Edit Details
  • Show Tutorials
  • Delete Pet

Pod Details button

The Pod Details button gives a quick snapshot of the Pod’s battery life and shows a photo of a Pod. The photo of the Pod will wiggle when the Pod is in use.

Click this button to take you through to a screen with more Pod details.

Location History button

The Location History button gives 24 hours of your Pod’s known location history since it last made contact with the server.

Click this button to take you through to a screen where you can see details about all of your Pod’s known locations for the 24 hours leading up to the last known contact with the server.

Activity Monitoring button

The Activity Monitoring button shows a quick snapshot of the current day’s Activity data.

Click this button to manage the Activity Monitoring features. Use the toggle to turn the Activity Monitoring on and off.

Zone Alerts button

The zone alerts button shows the various zones you have active for that pet. It also reflects the radius of the zones and the refresh rate set for the alerts if there is only one zone selected.

Click the zone alerts button to edit and create zones for your pets or adjust the refresh rate. Use the toggle to turn the active zones on and off. You can select which zones you want active for your pet by ticking the green button on the zone list.

Adventure Recording button

The Adventure Recording button shows the number of Adventures recorded to date, the latest Adventure recording date and the stats on that Adventure.

Click the Adventure Recording button to access the Adventure Recording features. Use the toggle to turn the Adventure Recording on and off again.

Manual Sync

Your Adventure and Activity data can be synced by pulling down on the Pet screen. Your Pod will not sync with the app unless your phone and Pod are within Bluetooth range of each other.

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