The Pod allows you to add several pets within the same account on the app so pet lovers are able to track the whereabouts and monitor health activity for all of their furry friends.

In addition, we have introduced a feature which enables you to swap the Pod ID of your pets so you may save the old Activity and Adventure data of your pets when you upgrade to a new Pod or need to change the Pod ID.

Adding & Deleting a Pet; Swapping & Removing a Pod

Adding a Pet

You will usually add your first pet when you setup your Pod for the first time. To add additional pets to your account, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Map screen
  2. Click on the Options Button
  3. Click Add New Pet
  4. Go through the setup process

Deleting a Pet

If you no longer have a need for a pet on your account and would like to delete it permanently with all of it’s data, you can delete your pet as follows.

  1. Open the Pet screen
  2. Click on the Options button
  3. Click Delete Pet

Swap Pod or Remove Pod from Pet

If you upgrade your Pod or need to setup a replacement Pod it’s best to simply swap the Pod assigned to your pet. Don’t delete your pet all together or you will lose all of your Adventure and Activity data!

  1. Open the Pet screen
  2. Click on the Pod Details button
  3. Click on the Options Button in the top right corner
  4. Click Swap Pod or Remove Pod from Pet, depending on which you’d like to do

Want to know more?

  • When you delete a pet, make sure it is the correct one as all information will be deleted including Adventures and Activity data. You can keep the data by swapping the Pod attached to your pet’s account or removing a Pod from the pet’s account instead
  • When you swap pod or remove pod from pet, your pet will retain all information including Adventures and Activity data. The pet’s data is stored with the pet and not with the Pod
  • You can add multiple pets to one account but you cannot add one Pod to multiple user accounts
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