You may click the refresh button the Map screen at any time to see your pet’s current location.

Your First Locate:

  1. Click on the Map Screen in the app.
  2. You will see two buttons in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (buttons will be at the top for Android users). Click the Refresh circle-arrow icon
  3. The first time you click this Refresh button you will be taken through a tutorial which explains the buttons and how the Pod is located.
  4. The Pod will update the location of your pet using the following technologies: Bluetooth: The Pod will use Bluetooth to locate your pet when your phone is in close range to the Pod. GPS: The Pod will need direct line of sight with the satellites in the sky in order to get a GPS location. Wi-Fi: The Pod can get a location using your Home Wi-Fi and surrounding networks in the area. Home Wi-Fi: When your Pod is within the Wi-Fi Zone, it will refresh your pet’s location to be ‘At Home’. Surrounding Wi-Fi Networks: When your Pod is not within range of the Home Wi-Fi and it does not have a direct line of sight with the satellites in the sky, it will pick up surrounding Wi-Fi networks in the neighborhood and establish a location via Wi-Fi triangulation.
  5. Once you click the Refresh button, the Pod will say ‘Refreshing’ in the top bar by your pet’s photo. The location will update itself continuously for 2 minutes. During this time you will not be able to refresh again.
  6. Once it has successfully refreshed the location, it will say ‘Found’. You will see your pet on the map with a faint blue circle around the location to show the accuracy of the position.
  7. You can refresh again after 2 minutes if required.

Want to know more?

  • The Pod needs cell reception to connect. If the refresh request gets through to the Pod, the Pod will try to locate itself with both Wi-Fi and GPS. It will look for your Home Wi-Fi first, then GPS then will resort to surrounding Wi-Fi connections to triangulate a location.
  • When you refresh your pet’s location, your pet will have a blue circle around its location which shows the accuracy of the position. All GPS devices will be accurate to around +/- 10m (30 feet), and all Wi-Fi location devices will be accurate to around +/- 25m (60feet). There is no GPS device that can pinpoint locate. Pod can get you within calling and hearing distance of your pet or closer.
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