There are two icons displayed on the Map Screen – one is the user’s location and the other is your pet’s location. The user’s location is indicated by a blue dot and your pet’s location is marked by a photo of the pet. If you do not see the blue dot showing the user’s location you may be prompted to turn on or enable your location services. This will not affect your pet’s location but you will not be able to see the user’s location if you do not turn on the location services.

The location of your pet is determined by the Pod’s technology, however, the user’s location is provided by your phone or web browser. Unfortunately, if it is not accurate you must contact your phones manufacturer for additional troubleshooting options.

How to enable location services

iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Pod Trackers

Android: Settings > Location

Web browser: Will vary by browser. You can search on Google for instructions.

Want to know more?

  • Turning on Wi-Fi will improve you phone’s location accuracy on some mobile phones.
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