We have a global TelCo agreement with Vodafone so the unit works in 175 countries around the globe. Vodafone or its partners span across the US (AT&T and T-Mobile), Europe and Asia. To find out which partner is active in your country, use the coverage checker tool found on our homepage.

Please note, the Pod has an internal roaming SIM embedded in the Pod. This is different to the network your mobile phone uses so it is important to check the coverage for the Pod's SIM specifically - you cannot rely on the coverage you're used to getting with your mobile phone. Please note that coverage maps found online are to be used as a guide for general coverage and it is possible that your exact location may be spotty or a dead zone. We recommend you contact your local TelCo partner to ensure your area have coverage.

The Pod will work with any personal mobile phone carrier as it simply requires an internet connection to use the mobile app. (e.g. Verizon in the US will work).

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