First, it’s important to note there is a common misconception that the Pod is dependent on your mobile phone’s reception but this is not true. You do need reception/internet connection for the app to work, however, the Pod has it’s own internal roaming SIM card which requires reception for the Pod to work. This is the cell reception we are referring to!

In order to make sure your area has coverage, check out who our global telecom partners are in your local area with the coverage checker tool on our homepage. Please be sure to contact the local provider to see if your area has strong cell signal if you have any doubts. We will not be able to check this for you.

If you do have coverage, here are a few other factors that may affect the cell signal strength of your Pod:

  • Elevation – Deep within a valley means a weaker signal strength
  • Interference – Man-made or natural obstructions such as buildings or trees can interfere with the signal strength
  • Lack of towers (more prominent in rural areas) – With an increase in distance to the tower, there may be a weaker signal strength

Want to know more?

  • To check whether your Pod is picking up cell signal, you can contact a support team member and they can analyze the performance on the back end of the system
  • It is possible that the TelCo maps show you have general coverage in your area, however, there are ‘dead zones’ in some areas where your true reception will vary
  • It is common for cellular reception to be weaker indoors - please keep this in mind
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