The Pod has excellent technology for its size but there are still some limitations with accuracy depending on the environmental circumstances. Most of the time you’ll find your Pod is spot on, however, you can expect your pet’s location to be inaccurate up to 60 feet in unfavorable conditions or depending on the technology being used to locate your pet.

Are You At Home?

If you’re inside your home your Pod is unlikely to establish a GPS location as GPS signals cannot penetrate solid objects. This means an inaccurate location at home could be due to two things. The first could be that your Home Location was setup in the wrong place. Please go into your settings and make sure the Home icon is sitting above your home.

It may also be that you don’t have a Home Wi-Fi network setup or that it’s very weak in areas. If you don’t have a Home Wi-Fi network at home your Pod will be using surrounding Wi-Fi routers to help establish a location indoors. This will also happen if your Wi-Fi router doesn’t reach every room in your house and the Pod looses connection. These location coordinates are more inaccurate than a Home Wi-Fi connection or GPS would provide but will still help tremendously in the search for a lost pet!

Are You Outdoors?

If you’re outdoors and are receiving inaccurate locations, it’s likely your GPS signals are being obstructed and your pet’s Pod is relying on surrounding Wi-Fi networks to triangulate a location as a backup means of locating. The Pod will ONLY rely on WiFi locations if it is unable to get GPS - it will always prioritize GPS locations if they are available. Please note that you will not be prompted for a network password – the Pod is simply using the MAC address for location purposes and it will not use someone else’s data.

This is the least accurate location technology but it should still point you in the correct direction of your pet so that you can get within calling distance of your pet. You may not get pinpoint accuracy in this scenario, however, the alternative is no information at all. If a GPS connection cannot be established this is the best way to find your pet.

Keep trying to locate as your pet is likely on the move! If your pet moves into an area where you can establish a GPS connection, you’ll get a more accurate location reading again.

Want to know more?

  • If you are in a rural area your Pod may rely heavily on GPS.
  • If you are in an urban area your Pod may be more inclined to pick up Wi-Fi signals to establish a location, as there is a much higher possibility the GPS signals will be blocked by buildings or other obstructions.
  • Like many electronics, you can try turning your Pod off and on again if it is behaving strangely – sometimes the chips inside of the Pod need to be reset if not in use for some time.
  • No GPS pet tracking device will give pinpoint accuracy every time so please expect anywhere up to 60 ft or 25 meters inaccuracy. It’s important to keep in mind that the Pod is designed to get you within calling distance of your pet.
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