Successfully refreshing your pet’s location is dependent upon several factors. If one or more of these factors is missing, you may not be able to locate your pet temporarily. The good news is the Pod was built for animals and they’re constantly on the move! Try again in a few minutes if your location refresh is unsuccessful.

Things To Check if the Problem Persists

  • Is your Pod turned on? You’ll have to physically have the Pod with you to check if it is on. You can remove and replace the battery to ensure it is on with a full battery.
  • Contact our support team to have them review your local 2G/3G cellular reception. It is possible you may have cellular reception in some areas and not others so if your animal is moving around, it should eventually wander into an area of cellular reception. Unfortunately, as long as your Pod is in the dead zones you will not be able to use it to locate your pet.
  • Could there be something blocking the GPS signal? Are there any obvious obstructions where your pet frequents which may keep your Pod from locating via GPS? Perhaps heavy tree cover, many tall buildings or they've wandered into a shed? Wait a few minutes and try again, as your animal is likely on the move and may move away from the obstructions.
  • Are you in a rural area? If so and your Pod cannot establish a GPS connection you may not have enough surrounding Wi-Fi networks for the Pod to fall back on it’s Wi-Fi locating abilities. Please wait a few minutes and try again, as your animal is likely on the move and may go away from the obstructions.

If you still can’t seem to get a successful location refresh, contact our support team.

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