The most common reason for this happening is that you’ve set your Home Location and/or your Home Icon in the wrong location. Please check that your Home Location and Home Icon are setup correctly, especially if you've recently moved!

Other Things to Check

  1. First things first – is your Pod turned on? Remove and replace the battery to be sure. You must have your Pod to check this.
  2. If the Pod is on, the next thing to check is that you have cellular reception in your home. Often times an area will look to be covered on the maps provided by the TeleCom companies, however, actual reception can be limited inside of the home. Contact our friendly support team and they can assist with helping to confirm your reception levels!
  3. Do you have a Home Wi-Fi network? If so, you need to confirm that you’ve set it up properly.
  4. If you do not have a Home WiFi connection, it is possible that your Pod will be inaccurate while you are at home. The Pod cannot use GPS indoors so it will attempt to scan surrounding Wi-Fi networks to triangulate your location. This can also cause false safe zone alerts. For best results, use the Pod with a Home Wi-Fi network.
  5. If you have all settings configured properly and the Pod simply will not pick up on your Wi-fi, please contact a support agent who can assist with more advanced troubleshooting.
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