You will receive a series of emails prompting you to renew your subscription. If a subscription is not renewed and payment isn't received within a 30 day period, your Pod's service will be permanently terminated.

Informational Emails About Your Subscription will be Sent at the Following Intervals:

Upon Subscription Sign Up

Pod will send an automated email to you when you successfully create your account for the first time. This email will include information about your subscription plan, status, and payment information.

When Your Trial Period is About to End

Pod will send an automated email 3 days prior to your trial period expiring. This email will include details about when and how you will be billed for your subscription, and will offer you additional information about how to make changes to your subscription plan.

Payment Failures

Should the payment information provided on your account be unsuccessful, or should you fail to provide payment information, Pod will send an automated email asking for updated payment information and will offer methods as to how to update this information and/or updated your subscription plan. Pod will make three payment attempts, and will send an email each time a payment should fail.

Successful Subscription Renewal

Pod will send an automated email when your subscription has been successfully renewed.

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  • Pod doesn’t encourage second-hand sales of units as they are registered devices and are not intended for resale and privacy issues could arise if accounts are not deleted completely. If you resell your Pod, the new user will be notified of this and their warranty may be jeopardized.
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