The initial price of the Pod varies by country. To see how much it costs where you live, click here.

The purchase price you see includes one month of cellular service. You will need to select a service plan upon signing up and enter your payment details but will not be billed until the initial free period is over. There is an option to pay the subscription monthly or annually. It roughly works out to half-price if you choose to pay one year up front.

The payment plans for the Pod 3 are as follows*:

Annual Subscription: $59.40USD / $71.40AUD / £47.40 / €59.40
Monthly Subscription: $8.95USD / $11.95AUD / £6.95 / €8.95

The subscription covers the mobile data/SMS costs of the Pod’s roaming SIM which enables the Pod to communicate with the app.

You will receive an automated email when you’re due for a subscription renewal. You can also contact one of our support team members for more information on renewals, how to cancel your subscription, or to find out when your subscription expires.

Important to Note: A subscription plan must be selected in order for the Pod to continue to function. Should a subscription plan not be selected within 30 days of activating the Pod, or should your payment method be unsuccessful and you fail to successfully make a payment after 30 days, the Pod will be terminated with the telecoms provider, and will not be recoverable.

*These prices are subject to change

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