A number of Pods running on the Vodafone network (excluding V-SIM customers) are currently unable to connect to the network due to an account-related issue. Please be patient while we work on the problem and we'll provide updates here as soon as they become available. This issue does not affect any V-Pet Tracker devices using a V-SIM from Vodafone in Europe or any devices activated within the last 12 months.

10th June Update
This Service Interruption is still effecting the Pods on the Vodafone network. We're continuing to work on a solution and will report back shortly.

12th June Update
Services are still effected. We're working with the Vodafone team on a solution as a top priority. There is currently no ETA available.

14th June Update
Unfortunately we still don't have a resolution on this service interruption. We sincerely apologise for the ongoing issue as we work with Vodafone to get you back up and running. There is still no ETA available. 

17th June Update
We are still working on a solution here. It is proving more difficult than anticipated. Please be patient while we work on getting this resolved.

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