A number of Pods running on the Vodafone network (excluding V-SIM customers) are unable to connect to the network due to an account issue. This issue does not affect any V-Pet Tracker devices using a V-SIM from Vodafone in Europe or any devices activated within the last 12 months.

If your Pod ID / IMEI begins with 357 or 359 and you've been using it for more than 12 months, then you will likely be affected by this issue. Your Pod ID / IMEI can be found in your app on the Pod Details screen.

Unfortunately we don't have a solution for this issue. We sincerely apologise for the significant inconvenience, but effected customers will have to wait for a replacement device to get up and running again. 

If you're having issues with your Vodafone V-SIM Pod, then please contact Vodafone support.

We have experienced delays with some of the replacement devices. Please check here for the latest availability - https://help.podtrackers.com/en/articles/1380826-shipping-delivery-information

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